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The Best Video on Entrepreneurship I’ve Seen

A few months ago, I attended Morgenthaler Venture’s DC-to-VC conference on health IT startups. Now, at some point, everyone who works in venture capital attends enough events that they kind of all blur together. But, there was something very special about this event that set itself apart from all the others.

Ryan Howard, the CEO of Practice Fusion — itself a very impressive Electronic Medical Record startup – gave a very memorable keynote about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. While many conferences have inspirational keynote speakers who point out, in generalities, the potential for startups and entrepreneurs to “change the world”, Ryan gave a fabulous presentation – both realistic and very moving — about what it takes to be an entrepreneur: the type of drive, support, unreasonableness, sacrifice, and mentality it takes to succeed. For anyone who is an entrepreneur or even a venture investor who’s never spent time on “the other side of the table”, it’s a must-see:

(just watch the first 17 minutes of this video – the rest wraps up the Morgenthaler event):

Great job, Ryan!

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