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Plush… statistical distributions?

(Cross-posted to Bench Press blog)

I’ve posted on plush particles, plush organs, knitted dissections, and even plush microbes. It seems in the math/science world, there’s always some creative soul who wants to cute-ify subjects of study.

Well, that set is joined by the latest plush craze… plush… statistical distributions? (HT: Flowing Data). Less stuffed-animal-like per se than say a pillow, but the Etsy store Nausicaa Distribution is selling normal distribution shaped pillows:

Normal Distribution Fleece Pillow - Made to Order

If the normal distribution isn’t your thing, how about some of its friends (like t, chi-square, log-normal, uniform, weibull, cauchy, poisson, gumbel, or erlang)?

Collection of 10 Distribution Plushies

And not to mention a wide range of statistical-relevant material:

Set of 3 Stat Icon Pillow Covers - Made to OrderABC's of Statistics Poster

Embroidered Outlier Baby BodysuitStatistics Propaganda Poster - Missing Data

If you’re interested, check out Nausicaa Distribution’s Etsy website!

(Image credit: all from Nausicaa Distribution’s Etsy site)

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