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image My current manager loves Fro-yo (frozen yogurt) to an almost absurd degree. Having had some type of frozen yogurt for four years in college, my enthusiasm, while still there (as it still tastes good), is not quite as strong as his.

The result? I get a lot of amusement out of some of our case team’s ridiculous fro-yo antics. Here are three:

Example 1: Philosophy
One day, the team was trying to get back to the airport to make a flight after having spent a long day at the client site. Around the time that certain members of the team were uneasy about how soon the flight would board compared with how far away we were from the airport, my manager suddenly drives off the highway that is taking us to the airport.

Someone: “What’s going on? What are we doing?”
Manager: “We’re going to get Fro-yo.”
Someone: “Are you serious? We’re going to be late!”
Manager (dead serious): “I never joke around when it comes to Fro-yo”

Example 2: Never Lost
For some reason, the car that our team rented lacked a GPS device. The result? Some of us had no idea how to get back to the hotel. Of course, my manager picks this time to have a fro-yo craving. And immediately starts driving very quickly down the road.

Ben: “Do you know where are we going?”
Manager: “Please, Ben, I have a Fro-yo radar. I can sense we’re heading to a Fro-yo place right now.”

(Sure enough, he found his way to his favorite Fro-yo shop, and we wound up back in the hotel safe and sound afterwards)

Example 3: Priorities
We’re sitting at dinner just passing the time as we eat our meals. I joke that instead of grabbing dessert in the restaurant, we should grab Fro-Yo. Of course, my manager jumps on that and adds…

Manager: “It’s double-stamp day!” (a day when we get two stamps per serving on a rewards card, rather than the usual one per serving)
Teammate (laughing): “What do you memorize their schedule?”
Manager: “When it comes to unimportant stuff, (turns to me) like Ben’s analysis, I don’t bother remembering. But when it’s the important stuff, like double stamp day, I remember.”

Sure enough – it was double stamp day.
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