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Hot Chips


I’m very excited that I’ll be attending the 2009 Hot Chips conference which is being held from August 24-25. It’s a conference which is sponsored by the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and has been held at Stanford ever since it began in 1989. What’s especially cool for people interested in technology or technology strategy is that it brings together the best and most innovative of chip designers and computer scientists to one place to showcase the newest and best in new chip designs and computer technologies.

This year is especially exciting as the two keynotes will be Jen-Hsun “I said ‘open a can of whoop-ass’ at an investors meeting” Huang, CEO and founder (and fellow Taiwanese) of graphics chip company NVIDIA, who will discuss the growing industry trend towards using graphics chips for computing power, and game supercompany EA’s Chief Creative Officer Rich Hilleman who will discuss what new computer technology can do for the game industry.

But even beyond the keynotes, I am also looking forward to the discussions on Intel’s new and potentially game-changing Moorestown platform (for their big mobile internet device/smartphone push), NVIDIA’s Ion platform (which brings Windows 7 and gaming capability to netbooks), startup SiliconBlue’s new FPGA products for phones, and a broad discussion on whether or not we’re hitting an end to Moore’s Law and its ability to drive new semiconductor technology advances.

A more detailed program is available on the website (Day One and Day Two). They’re now past early-bird registration, but if you’re at all interested about what will drive the next generation of technological innovation, you should definitely be at this conference!

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