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Am I sad that I’m not able to go to this year’s Comic Con like I was able to last year? Yes.

Thankfully, Google, in its infinite wisdom, must have sensed my sorrow and not only decorated their home page with a Google-ified version of DC’s Justice League, but they released a whole suite of Comics related themes for their iGoogle portal (which coincidentally is my home page)! (Thanks to my friend C.K. of Pizza Diavola fame for the pointer)

My personal favorites thus far (no, I haven’t yet decided which to pick yet) would be:

  • Fables – a series that I absolutely adore from Bill Willingham; the premise is a “what if the characters from the fables we all know and love (like the Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, Prince Charming, etc) were real and have been living among us for hundreds of years?” Mix in a little sex, violence, and magic, and you get something which is moving, exciting, and very funny all in one.
  • Dilbert – I link to enough Dilbert comics that this needs no explanation.
  • Batman Reborn – What happens when you take a very talented writer like Grant Morrison who comes up with an amazing way to actually *kill* Batman, and then you get his old partner, the first Robin Richard Grayson, to replace him?
  • Blackest Night – DC’s latest mega comic book event, and something I’ve been looking forward to reading for two years.
  • Iron Man – I like the comic, loved the movie, and like the aesthetic in this theme.
  • Peanuts – Who doesn’t love Snoopy?
  • Vertigo – The DC imprint behind Fables, Neil Gaiman’s famous Sandman series, 100 Bullets, and more.
Not quite as good as being at Comic Con, but a decent consolation prize…

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