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de Young

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, so I decided to extend my Memorial Day weekend by taking this past Friday off. First on my list of things to do: go with my girlfriend to the de Young museum in San Francisco’s lovely Golden Gate Park. And, as this is my blog, I decided to share…

Here’s a shot of the courtyard and the new California Academy of Sciences facility that Sophia took from the observation tower which presents an amazing panoramic view of San Francisco (from 144 feet up):


Here is what the interior of the observation tower looks like:


Here are a couple of shots of us goofing off in James Turrell’s Three Gems, something which I can only describe as a hidden dome within a dome allowing visitors to sit in a very serene spherical confine and just look at the sky.

image image imageimage

Here are shots of Sophia lying amongst the giant apple statues that are in the de Young’s courtyard:

image image

And here is me trying to figure out what some of the locals are staring at:


Unable to understand just what it was they were looking at, I tried to converse with one of them:


But to no avail. And last, there’s me, leaning against the giant statue of a safety pin which says “do not touch” (yes, I wasn’t actually touching it, I was actually standing several feet in front of it to give you a sense of just how massive that safety pin was)


This day also marked a personal first — the de Young is the first museum I’ve become a member of, in no small part because of the fact the “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharoahs” exhibit is coming to the de Young and I want priority tickets!

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