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Qualcomm’s Culture is Awesome

Over on Bench Press, my buddy Anthony pointed out one great aspect of Qualcomm’s legendary engineer culture – apparently they have a great tradition of making April Fool’s videos. This year’s will warm the hearts of anyone who’s done biological/life sciences-oriented research:


I particularly like the last guy who lays on the cutting edge wisdom of “my crocodeagles are four times bigger than the shark-falcons so they’re always going to win”. If that’s not MBA-caliber wisdom, I don’t know what is.

Doing a quick YouTube search, I also discovered their April fool’s joke from last year which can only be described with the first line: “This man isn’t crazy, but this new technology is.

I think my favorite part is the guy who’s on two phone calls simultaneously.

Remind me, if I ever start a company, to make sure something like this is a part of my company’s culture!

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