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Capitalism is Alive and Well in China

This is either a sign that capitalism has fully been entrenched in China, or the sign of the coming apocalypse, but, Hooter’s has Moved to China (Hat tip to A. Phan). With more from that groundbreaking story, we have ABC reporter Rebecca Lee. Rebecca?

Although Hooters Beijing is the Alabama-based restaurant’s fourth branch in China, this opening is making waves. It was one thing when the first Hooters opened in the more cosmopolitan Shanghai in 2004, but in conservative Beijing, the “Hooters Makes You Happy” mentality feels a little more out of place.

Regardless of its exotic location, walking in to Hooters Beijing feels exactly like walking into any other Hooters location. With the same wooden tables, orange hot pants on the waitresses and that same smell of fried wings wafting through the air, Hooters Beijing could easily be found in America’s heartland.

I don’t know what makes me more surprised (disturbed?), that Hooters was already in China, or that it feels just like “America’s heartland”. But, if Beijing is more conservative, how is it that Hooter’s happened to make it there. Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall a Chinese character for “hooters”…

Like with any cross-cultural trend, some things get lost in translation, including the name’s reference to the female anatomy.

In Beijing, “Hooters” simply means “owl,” but that doesn’t mean the point goes overlooked.

And the best line in the article,

With the Olympics just around the corner, Hooters executives are also hoping to attract foreigners visiting this ancient city who may miss a taste of home.

I would like to meet the people who consider Hooters “a taste of home” . . .

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