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lifehacker gives a review on the new Google Reader that I’ve been touting for some time. For you Bloglines people:

  1. Google Reader lacks hideous Bloglines teal bar (although you can remove that with a Greasemonkey script)
  2. Google Reader on “startup” shows summaries of the most recent/new posts (as opposed to Bloglines which shows you random stuff)
  3. Google Reader lacks Bloglines’ 200 unread per feed limit (after you hit 200, it doesn’t store any more)
  4. Google Reader pre-fetches posts so the reading is a lot smoother
  5. Google Reader has a gmail-inspired body preview
  6. Google Reader has built-in support for tags (as opposed to folders)

Not to mention the other benefits I’ve been advocating

  1. Google Reader integrates with all the other world of Google (using the Personalized Gmail extension for Firefox, I put a Google Reader control in my gmail so I can quickly jump to my feeds from within gmail)
  2. Quicksilver-like keyboard shortcut interface
  3. Easy publicizing/sharing/aggregation scheme

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