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Why Medical School is Like High School

Got this off of Facebook:

  1. We have to get up at 6:45 am and drive to school
  2. We have lunch together at 12 on the quad
  3. We have lockers
  4. We are in the same room everyday
  5. There are lunch clubs
  6. The same people are officers in every club
  7. The dating pool is extremely small
  8. Everyone has the same classes and you can’t drop any of them
  9. Everyone knows everyone else
  10. There’s a prom
  11. For girls, the skirts get shorter and the shirts get lower
  12. For guys, spitwads are an acceptable form of entertainment in lecture
  13. We carpool to school
  14. “I still can’t make eye contact with the girls in our class”
  15. two words: class elections
  16. we have homerooms and homeroom teachers
  17. why its like the 3rd grade: we have cubbies and desks with our names on it
  18. if something happens before lunch, everyone knows about it by the end of the day
  19. we see each other everyday in class, but that doesn’t stop us from hanging out on the weekends

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