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Ben 1 – Kitchen 0

My first (pitiful) experience with cooking ended with a reasonable success!

To be frank, I didn’t make an epicurean delight, and I didn’t try to be bold with anything as this was a test run to see whether or not I COULD cook and not poison myself or burn the kitchen down. All I made was rice (which I’ve been making for years already), some pork chops (new for me), and some cabbage/lettuce mix which I stir-fried. Rather pathetically, I had to ask Sophia about how to stir fry vegetables, and about the location of almost all of her utensils and kitchen implements (she was kind enough to give me her room key so I could use their kitchen).

And, much to my delight, the vegetables tasted good! (although a little strange because I cooked them with olive oil, which my family typically doesn’t use since we use corn oil) The meat, too, tasted good (although somewhat bland until I seasoned it some more — its surprising how much you can do with just salt and pepper :-D). And, of course, I added my zo song (uhh.. dried meat product — seriously, it tastes better than it sounds) to the rice and voila! A meal which made me happy at my first culinary experience (although “culinary” is probably me embellishing my experience with words to make me feel better).

And, on the subject of food, ever wonder why Wasabi burns? For the same reason (or one of them) as to why mustard gas stings 🙂

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